Employers want quality workers when they come to a staffing agency. Companies come to us because they must stay focused on their mission and cannot afford the distraction of recruiting. Rather than training and babysitting an employee, employers expect to receive a worker from us who hits the ground running, being up to speed with their new employer and with technology, ready to make a difference.

Employers look for flexibility from their local staffing agency. They want a company that can adapt to changing requirements, manage risk and deliver quality candidates at affordable rates. All these reasons are why employers come to Xpand Staffing.

Our ability to listen to employers and identify with their needs has made Xpand Staffing a success. Fifteen years supporting almost every kind of business qualifies us to service yours. We have delivered nearly every kind of worker and coordinated them with every account. We have done it consistently, marked by our commitment to excellence, professional respect and reasonable rates. No one challenges our expertise at finding the best talent for every position and for every client. Our record stands for itself, making us the most sought-after national staffing agency.

Xpand Staffing prides itself in its ability to select, retain and manage workers for almost any position. Mail clerks, executive assistants and executives all come through us with remarkable ease. That is why so many companies and corporations come to us first.



From the mailroom to the boardroom, entry-level positions to seasoned professionals, in the most creative to the most corporate environments, Xpand Staffing is here to find you the perfect candidate.



Xpand Staffing is unlike any other national staffing agency because of our unique approach to recruiting. Our Complete Elite screening service means that every staffer we recruit has been vetted for positive character and competency in their field. We offer a unique working interview that allows employers to observe the candidate we recommend. If you are unhappy with any worker for any reason, simply let us know within the first two hours. You will not be billed for that worker, and we send out a replacement immediately.