About Us


When an employer contacts us, he or she wants to know right away what we can offer that no other national staffing agency can. The answer is a team that goes beyond the usual efforts to meet the needs of an employer.

You’ll find that the professionals at our company understand that employers have different hiring needs. Instead of simply matching your company up with a few employees, we take the time to examine your long-term needs. We understand that the hiring and training of an employee can be time consuming as well as costly. Our knowledgeable staff helps you to take a close look at your future staffing needs in order to build and nurture a quality group of employees. Our Xpand Staffing team thinks beyond the easy, short-term solution in order to better serve you and your company.

We also offer a wide range of opportunities to individuals who are searching for new careers. Our team meets with you to talk about your background, education, and job skills. In addition, we are interested in learning about your career aspirations and future goals. If you’re searching for career assistance, you’ll be glad to know that we deal with Fortune 500 companies as well as exciting, smaller companies that are just getting off the ground. So, if you find yourself walking into our branch you’ll be met with an intriguing variety of career opportunities.

So Why Choose Us?

At Xpand we value our people above all. We are interested in helping both employers and employees toward the best, most workable solutions. Some staffing agencies are finished with a client once the hiring process is complete. Our team is interested in building an enduring relationship with both employers and employees. We are thrilled when an employer revisits our branch to ask us for more staffing ideas and assistance! Now, before we can begin working on your staffing solutions we must learn a little about you and your company. Please call or send us an email to say hello. Our team looks forward to helping you with your unique, staffing needs.